Chisldren's tale

Design& illustrations: Toni Salom Caldés

The mystery of the dragons tells the adventure of two brothers, Aloma and Marçal, aged 8 and 5. Every night they look out the window of their house to watch how the little dragons hunt in the light of the lanterns but tonight the dragons are not there and the children are worried. This will prompt them to investigate its disappearance while penetrating a fantastic world in which they will visit the cave of the flatulent oracle Racontracus, defended by the nuvoloid paridolics, and the king of the castle of Colocostros, Gatfoc who, surrounded by spiders, guards a formidable treasure that children need to unravel the mystery. This is a classic adventure story with an aftertaste of Mallorcan fable ideal for parents to read to their children.