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Branding & video in Mallorca

since 1999

SALOM ESTUDI is a branding agency & video production. Founded by two brothers, Pere Salom, film director and producer, and Toni Salom, art director and graphic designer. The Studio’s multi-disciplinary approach integrates brand identity, packaging, advertising, film, motion graphics and audiovisual content. Our diverse output is underpinned by over 20 years’ experience collaborating with influential brands, artists and designers. The Studio’s portfolio spans a broad spectrum of sectors; from brand identity, packaging, advertising, to films, motion graphics and audiovisual content. We create projects with meaning that communicate through powerfull ideas to generate distinction and business success. Get in touch with our teams and let's achieve something extraordinary, together.

Distinguish... or extinguish
Empowering Brands

BRANDING is the soul of the company, it is getting the user to recognize us and choose us. In addition, with good communication and good marketing, which is the voice, we manage to strengthen the company because we connect it with its consumers. A differential brand identity, a strategic approach and a good positioning allow companies to endure. The digital transformation of businesses that were based on "word of mouth" exponentially increased their chances of success.


    1. Our passion: we explore the most efficient and impactful ways of producing and distributing the video.
    2. Human touch: we know how to listen, we are flexible and we want to be empathic to understand the client and his needs and know how to give him the best answer.
    3. Creativity: We make differential proposals to communicate and surprise. We try to see the project from different angles to find different and more effective solutions.
    4. Our projects respect the budget and maximize investment.
    5. We can reach any location. We have recorded in Spain, Europe, Africa and America.
    6. Experience: The producer started shooting in 1999 and since then we have not stopped. Thousands of promos, several TV shows, more than a dozen documentaries, live broadcasts and advertising videos.

  • Types of videos:

    Company videos, advertising, inbound marketing, commercials, music videos, documentaries, animation and photo shooting.

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  • Online Store
    Website design / Online store design / Web positioning / Online Marketing

    In addition to being an aesthetic issue, web design plays a very important role in the marketing and identity of a web page. Web design is essential for your branding, as well as to facilitate navigation through intuitive visual elements.
    We carry out a differential web design that allows us to offer the best face of the company without losing the commercial profile.

  • Advertising photography

    We help you create those images and advertising, interior, hotel, restaurant, gastronomy and product images.

  • Illustration

    We carry out advertising, 3D, animation, editorial or technical illustration. We have done for 20 years from campaigns, book covers, posters, animations, product launches, intros of TV shows or documentaries.
    The illustration is always a very powerful sales tool. It is a touch of distinction that brings a lot of personality.